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Carson:King of Late Night Series: 13 Different Volumes Available

Aug 31, 2014
Looking to either sell off or trade these. All are still in original shrink wrap. PM me if interested. Thanks

Classic Episodes from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. These are commercially released DVD's.
Volume 1 includes -

SHOW 1 - June 14, 1977
This classic kicks off with a visit from Old Aunt Blabby-one of Johnny's funniest characters. Then Alice Cooper stops by and Jay Leno gets the audience rolling in the aisles.

SHOW 2 - September 12, 1973
Antelopes, ostriches and yaks, oh my! Joan Embery joins Johnny with some furry friends, followed by a vintage song and dance from Bette Midler. Finally, comedian David Steinberg-who appeared on The Tonight Show over 130 times-sits down for a chat with Johnny.

SHOW 3 - November 12, 1976
The Chairman Of The Board brings down the house as Frank Sinatra performs. And when Don Rickles joins Johnny and Frank, it's pure comedy magic! Then, not to be outdone, Olivia Newton-John sings a classic and Ray Johnson appears.

SHOW 4 - March 27, 1986
You'll meet Lucille Thompson, a charming 90-year old lady who happens to be a board-breaking black belt! Then, Billy Crystal sits for a hilarious conversation- and Buddy Rich sits in for an astounding song with Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show Band.

Approximate Running Time 125 mins.
Volume 2 includes -

SHOW 1 - September 26, 1980
The wild and crazy comedy of Steve Martin takes center stage on this classic episode! Then Johnny plays a game sportsman in a hilarious sketch featuring a cameo by none other than Ray Jay Johnson.

SHOW 2 - November 13, 1972
Heavyweight boxing meets heavyweight comedy when Johnny welcomes the Greatest Boxer Of All Time Muhammad Ali for a chat. Then New York Mayor John Lindsay joins Johnny and Harry Chapin performs- and you'll be singing along.

SHOW 3 - July 29, 1988
Johnny spins some comedy gold from the news of the day before Michael Landon sits down for a classic conversation. Then, K.D. Lang sings a soulful country croon.

SHOW 4 - May 17, 1984
Things start with a bang as Johnny jokes around with an exercise book for Lazy Bums! Then comedy kingpin Gary Shandling keeps the laugh train rolling-and violin virtuoso St├ęphane Grappelli mesmerizes while making beautiful music!

Approximate Running Time: 114 minutes
Volume 3 includes-
SHOW 1 - May 4, 1977
It's a cavalcade of classic comedians in this amazing episode as Johnny welcomes guests Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor! The audience is roaring with laughter as the jokes keep coming-and you will be too.

SHOW 2 - MAY 24, 1984
Johnny is in prime form in this episode, delivering comedy gold and unmatched TV fun as only he could. Joining him for this memorable night are none other than fan-favorite John Denver and comedian/singer/ juggler Michael Davis.

SHOW 3 - May 21, 1987
This episode packs so many laughs per second you'll be in stitches! First, comedy king Eddie Murphy chats Johnny up-and Ellen DeGeneres performs some stand-up that has the audience howling!

SHOW 4 - May 2, 1978
Here's an episode for the ages! First, Johnny kicks things off with a visit from his character Aunt Blabby. Then the magic continues with a few classic song and dance numbers by the unforgettable Sammy Davis, Jr.

Approximate Running Time: 120 minutes

Volume 4 includes -

SHOW 1 - May 5, 1981
In this classic, Jimmy Buffett shows up to perform a few numbers and take you, Johnny and the audience on a musical journey as only he can. Then, one of Johnny's favorites sits for a chat and a gardening lesson when Thalasa Cruso stops by.

SHOW 2 - September 2, 1974
The laughs are as loud as Johnny's green plaid sport coat in this vintage episode! America's Sweetheart Doris Day drops by - and Rodney Dangerfield gets some respect with his side-splitting stand up.

SHOW 3 - July 28, 1988
Years before he was president, Bill Clinton stopped by to have a visit with Johnny - and play his sax with Doc and the Tonight Show Band! Then, Joe Cocker brings his distinctive musical stylings to the stage and gets the whole place shaking!

SHOW 4 - January 18, 1990
It's feeding time on The Tonight Show when Joan Embery brings some furry, scaly and fanged friends by to meet Johnny. Then hall-of-famer Art Donovan joins Johnny to share some of the funniest football stories you'll ever hear!

Approximate Running Time: 122 minutes
Volume 5 includes -

SHOW 1 - December 31, 1965
This vintage episode will magically transport you in time as The Tonight Show becomes a New Year's Eve celebration! Then, a young Woody Allen joins Johnny for a chat. And finally, The Muppets perform!

SHOW 2 - April 9, 1974
Johnny's joint gets jumping as the Jackson 5 show up with one of their absolutely classic performances of soulful, funky pop. Then, Jerry Van Dyke keeps the whole place laughing with his homespun humor!

SHOW 3 - December 17, 1985
Bette Midler drops by to sing a few of her classics - performing one while sitting right on Johnny's desk! Then Johnny gets the crowd roaring with the comedic gold of his impersonation of Ronald Reagan in a holiday sketch for the ages.

SHOW 4 - May 19, 1972
In an episode so funny, only Johnny could pull it off, John Twomey sits down for some hilarious musical hijinks. Then Adelle Davis gives Johnny a laugh-filled lesson in nutrition - followed by fascinating visits from actor Robert Blake and author Gwen Davis.

Approximate Running Time: 123 minutes
Volume 6 includes -

SHOW 1 - February 20, 1974
Joan Embrery brings a baby gorilla, giant snake and jungle cats to meet Johnny - and when they get too close for comfort, it's classic Carson! Then, David Brenner stops by to deliver side-splitting laughs in this unforgettable episode

SHOW 2 - August 31, 1982
It's a comedy milestone as Bill Maher drops in for his first-ever appearance on The Tonight Show and gets the audience roaring. Then, the always-entertaining Joe Garagiola chats with Johnny and shares some hilarious baseball bloopers!

SHOW 3 - March 18, 1981
This classic episode kicks off as star of stage and screen Richard Benjamin sits down for a hilarious back and forth with Johnny. Then, Garry Shandling makes his first appearance on The Tonight Show - he became a regular guest host in 1986.

SHOW 4 - November 22, 1985
Jim Fowler joins Johnny with his furry friends. Then, Marty Pollio brings his unique brand of comedy to the stage - and salsa-king Ruben Blades performs a tune you'll never forget!

Approximate Running Time: 117 minutes
Volume 7 includes -

SHOW 1 - March 24, 1978
Donna Pyle brings a giant rooster to the stage - to the shock and amazement of Johnny! Then, the timeless Milton Berle drops by and you get to witness the hilarious, engaging conversation between these two kings of comedy!

SHOW 2 - October 14, 1981
You'll salute the five-star laughter as Johnny performs a classic sketch as Patton. Then, the zany giggles continue as the always-unpredictable Robin Williams takes his comedy off the stage - and right into the audience!

SHOW 3 - September 19, 1975
A favorite of fans and Johnny alike, Don Rickles brings his hilarious brand of biting sarcasm and wit to the stage - and brings the house down! Then, The Mighty Carson Art Players perform a side-splitting sketch of a Columbo mystery!

SHOW 4 - May 17, 1983
Johnny gets the show going with a monologue for the ages before actor-comedian-director Albert Brooks stops in for a laugh-filled visit. And finally, you'll marvel as Johnny welcomes a young Brooke Shields to the stage for a chat.

Approximate Running Time: 120 minutes
Volume 8 includes -

SHOW 1 - December 9, 1975
Carol Burnett drops by to visit Johnny and it's comic royalty as this queen and King of Comedy hold court. Also, game show host Burt Convy sits to chat, and funnyman Tom Dreeson makes his first Tonight Show appearance.

SHOW 2 - November 11, 1980
This classic episode starts with a comedic bang when Carnac The Magnificent brings his mystical powers to the stage. Then, you'll laugh out loud when David Letterman joins Johnny and these two titans of late night create comedy magic.

SHOW 3 - January 8, 1987
It's pure comedy as Robert Goulet brings down the house - and needs an assist from Johnny as he forgets the words to the song he's singing! Then, Johnny welcomes cowboy poets Waddie Mitchell and Baxter Black.

SHOW 4 - April 6, 1990
It's a night to remember when American Icon Bob Hope and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham stop in to see Johnny. Plus, The Tonight Show gets the blues as B.B. King stops in to perform a tune with Doc and the band.

Approximate Running Time: 120 minutes
Volume 9 includes -

SHOW 1 - July 28, 1976
The crowd goes crazy for fan-favorite Burt Reynolds and the always-interesting Robert Blake in the classic episode of hilarious late-night hijinks. Blake even switches roles with Johnny and sits behind the desk!

SHOW 2 - March 4, 1981
Howl along with the crowd as Johnny channels Walter Cronkite in a classic Tonight Show sketch! Then, the laughs keep rolling as David Brenner delights the crowd with his hilarious stand-up.

SHOW 3 - January 5, 1983
You'll be amazed and amused as bubble magician Tom Noddy performs to the delight of Johnny and the crowd. Then, B.B. King picks and sings a soulful blues classic and funny woman Teri Garr drops by for a chat.

SHOW 4 - November 26, 1986
It's a Tonight Show classic as Barney Odom and his tree-climbing dog Flat Nose astound both Johnny and the crowd. Then, the unforgettable George Carlin gets the whole place rolling in the aisles with his comedy magic.

Approximate Running Time: 129 minutes
Volume 10 includes -

SHOW 1 - December 31, 1982
Tina Turner performs a few classics to get this special New Year's Eve episode rockin'! Then, comedian Joe D'Auria will have you falling from your chair - and magician Jonathan Brown will mystify and amaze you with his sleight-of-hand.

SHOW 2 - January 4, 1984
After one of Johnny's funniest opening monologues ever, Dabney Coleman joins Johnny to trade fascinating stories - and laughs! Then, it's a historic moment as Paul Rodriguez makes his first-ever appearance on The Tonight Show.

SHOW 3 - September 23, 1971
Della Reese kicks things off in this gem from the early 70's - bringing the house down with her performance. Then, fan-favorite Bob Uecker lets Johnny in on a host of hilarious baseball secrets as only he could!

SHOW 4 - September 15, 1972
This is a show for the ages! Vikki Carr sings a tune with Doc and the band, Peter Falk stops by to get treated to Johnny's best "Columbo" impression - and funnyman Albert Brooks sits down and gets the whole place laughing along.

Approximate Running Time: 115 minutes
Volume 11 includes -

SHOW 1 - November 25, 1981
It's a Thanksgiving to remember when Johnny opens the show with some hilarious Turkey-Day letters from children. Then, you'll get a treat when the legend Kenny Rogers stops by to sing a few of his tunes and chat with Johnny.

SHOW 2 - September 9, 1977
The laughs won't quit when Johnny steps into the audience for a game of "Stump The Band." Then Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca deliver some truly golden, timeless comedy - and Eubie Blake treats everyone to some unforgettable jazz piano.

SHOW 3 - November 20, 1984
It's a magical comedy milestone as Louie Anderson piles on the laughs in his first-ever appearance on The Tonight Show! Plus, the always-unpredictable Robert Blake sits with Johnny for one of their side-splitting chats.

SHOW 4 - September 26, 1974
This unforgettable episode has comedy giant Dom Deluise stopping by to joke - and perform some messy magic with eggs! But the yolks on Johnny - and the fun continues - when Burt Reynolds and the immortal Art Carney join them on stage.

Approximate Running Time: 131 minutes
Volume 12 includes -

SHOW 1 - October 30, 1981
Johnny spins comedy gold from his collection of hilarious Halloween masks - and gets us rolling in the aisles with his zany commercial spoofs! Finally, the immortal Michael Landon stops by for an unforgettable conversation.

SHOW 2 - May 6, 1975
The laughs are timeless as 103-year old Maude Tull sits to chat with - and charm - Johnny. Then, you'll delight in an operatic classic delivered by none other than famed tenor Luciano Pavarotti in this Tonight Show to remember.

SHOW 3 - June 27, 1986
It's two titans of late night as David Letterman joins Johnny to trade jokes and stories. Then, the laughs shift into overdrive as Johnny and Dave settle their differences in comedy court with the help of Judge Wapner!

SHOW 4 - February 21, 1980
First, there's a swingin' performance by Engelbert Humperdinck. Then, Steve Landesberg and Loni Anderson drop by to chat - and a demonstration by the world's oldest self-defense expert delivers some hilarious "punch"-lines.

Approximate Running Time: 111 minutes
Volume 13 includes -

SHOW 1 - September 23, 1975
It's a night to remember as Johnny welcomes Fernando Lamas for a hilarious conversation about what it means to be "macho". Then, singing sensation Glen Campbell takes the stage to perform - and stays to chat with Johnny.

SHOW 2 - September 8, 1983
You'll laugh 'til you cry as Carnac The Magnificent makes an appearance. Then, a true legend visits the stage as Bill Cosby delivers huge laughs. And finally, a performance by Chuck Mangione will get your toes taipan' and fingers snapping'!

SHOW 3 - November 12, 1981
This classic is a veritable cavalcade of comedy! First up, Dom DeLuise sits down for some clowning around. Then, Betty White joins Johnny for a hilarious sketch - and a fresh-faced Jerry Seinfeld offers big laughs in one of his earliest appearances.

SHOW 4 - November 23, 1989
Johnny was unique in his ability to introduce us to unknown, colorful personalities - and Louisiana restaurateur Lea Johnson is one of the most charming! Then, funnyman Tom Wilson gets the crowd - and Johnny - howling!

Approximate Running Time 118 minutes
Sep 5, 2014
These are gone...Reply