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Use this board for registering and trading items that are not listed on any other trading board of this site. On this board, traders add items themselves. Use the Add new item link for that. Before adding anything, check that no one has already added the same item. You can list all items by clicking the Browse button. You can also search for items by entering keywords in the box and clicking the Find item button. Don't show this advice to me again.

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emmitt40: Hey All, I am in the process of downsizing items in my house and what I own.  One area is my office. ...
SteelyDan67: I have it, now.  Nevermind.  Not that anybody else cares.  lol
Murcer68: The date of the game is Dec. 2, 2015.  It's NCAA women's college basketball, Ohio State at Notre Dame. ...

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