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DateLeagueAway TeamHome TeamScoreDetailsAlso HasWants
 Oct 5, 1960 F 1  MLB  NY Yankees  Pittsburgh 4-6 Details   no one 
 Oct 6, 1960 F 2  MLB  NY Yankees  Pittsburgh 16-3 Details   no one 
 Oct 8, 1960 F 3  MLB  Pittsburgh  NY Yankees 0-10 Details   no one 
 Oct 9, 1960 F 4  MLB  Pittsburgh  NY Yankees 3-2 Details   no one 
 Oct 10, 1960 F 5  MLB  Pittsburgh  NY Yankees 5-2 Details   no one 
 Oct 12, 1960 F 6  MLB  NY Yankees  Pittsburgh 12-0 Details   no one 
 Oct 13, 1960 F 7  MLB  NY Yankees  Pittsburgh 9-10 Details   no one 

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